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Test results (prototype 20hp)

Tests carried out with two large adults aboard in flat water, wind F3.

Stability: 2 large adults standing on one side, produce very little heel.

Speed:Engine at idle in forward; 2.1kts, 50% throttle; 5.1kts. 75% throttle; 7.5kts.

Manoeuvrability: At idle in forward; turning circle....In it's own length! At half throttle; just over one boat length!!

Here are a few short movie clips of the prototype undergoing basic tests on it's first outing.

(We recomended you right click and save to a folder or desktop and play from there, in 'Windows Media Player'. The smallest file, with 512mb broardband takes approx. two and a half minutes to download):

50% throttle, 5.1knots(6.3mb)........................75% throttle, 7.5knots(6.4mb).................75% throttle, 7.5knots(17.9mb)

We have some new rederings of the cabin version boat here

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