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Refurbishment  Projects:


Oyster 16 motor launch (2014/15): here

18' motor launch: here

Yachting World Day Boat: here

Yachting World Day Boat: here

Yachting World Day Boat: here

Prototype ecat: Now in it's 4th year. A solar charged, electric outboard powered tender!  FOR SALE without motor Offers invited

The 'ecat' has been designed by Flight Marine for our own use 
as an economic and practical tender.
This vessel has it's own retractable wheels and the hulls can be used for storage. Although designed for just 2 adults, it is capable of taking 2 additional small people. The ecat is very stable and yet lightwieght, 
due to its catamarn design

It has been tested with a 2.5hp petrol outboard, a
standard 20kg thrust electric o/b motor and Toqeedo 401 and 801 electric motors.

Wheels dow 


Results (petrol): 

3/4 power 7.5 knots (1 person), 5knots (2 large people).



Results for Torqeedo 801 (24 volt)
Full power (1 person), 5.5 knots

Torqeedo 401 (12 volt)
Full Power (1 person), 5 knots.

 Torqeedo 801

Here are some movies of the ecat/Torqeedo combination, with solar panel for charging the battery.

To view Torqeedo's website please go here:- Torqeedo

For puchase information of Torqeedo products please go here

As a tender or periodical runabout the solar / lead acid cell setup is working well.  It sits in it's parking slot or on a mooring most of the time, and this more than keeps up with it's current level of use. If the engine was used for a long period... say 30 mins full speed or 2 hours low speed for example, the ecat would need some hours of daylight to replace the energy used in it's battery.

If interested in a project or your own, please contact us. Maybe we could be of some help?